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90L HFC227ea fire suppression system

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90L HFC227ea fire suppression system
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Air Giant
Model Number: GQQ70×2/2.5, GQQ90×2/2.5, GQQ100×2/2.5, GQQ120×2/2.5, GQQ150×2/2.5
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Plywood outer box with bubble bag or paper
Delivery Time: 10-15 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Credit card
Supply Ability: 1000 sets per month
Product Description

90L HFC227ea fire suppression system


• Cabinet automatic HFC-227ea/FM200(Heptafluoropropane) fire suppression system uses the solenoid valve as the starting mode with the elegant appearance design. The cylinder is placed in the cabinet. For different protection zone, according to the different volume zone to match different size cylinder, which can reduce the occupied area.


• According to different volume size, different extinguishing agent, different starting mode to assemble.


• Independent sets, flexible installation, good appearance.


• Without cylinder room, can install in the protection zone, handy and romovable.


• Automatic HFC-227ea/FM200(Heptafluoropropane) fire extinguishing system is a set of fire extinguishing, automatic control and fire detection in one system which is the modern intelligent automatic fire extinguishing device.


• HFC-227ea/FM200 (Heptafluoropropane) is a kind of colourless, tasteless, not conduct electricity and no secondary pollution gas. It belongs to a kind of clean extinguishing agent.


• The ozone-depleting potential value is zero.


• Cleanness, low toxicity, good electrical insulation, higher fire extinguishing efficiency.


• It is currently an ideal substitute for the halon extinguishing agent.




NO. Specifications Parameters
1 Cylinder capacity

40L, 70L, 90L, 100L, 120L, 150L, 180L


2 Device model GQQ40/2.5, GQQ70/2.5, GQQ90/2.5, GQQ100/2.5, GQQ120/2.5, GQQ150/2.5, GQQ180/2.5

GQQ70×2/2.5, GQQ90×2/2.5, GQQ100×2/2.5, GQQ120×2/2.5, GQQ150×2/2.5

3 Filling pressure 2.5MPa
4 Max filling rate ≤0.95kg/L
5 Discharge time ≤10s
6 Working temperature 0℃~50℃
7 Max working pressure 4.2MPa
8 Discharge pressure 5.6±0.28MPa
9 Proportion of protected zone ≤500m²
10 Volume of protected zone ≤1600m³
11 Actuation Automatic or manual start



Cabinet Size


Model Filling capacity(kg) Storage pressure(MPa, 20℃) Injection time (s) Temperature(℃) Dimension(mm)
GQQ40/ 2.5 40 2.5 <10 0~50 500×450×1450
GQQ70/ 2.5 70 2.5 <10 0~50 500×450×1450
GQQ90/ 2.5 90 2.5 <10 0~50 500×450×1650
GQQ100/ 2.5 100 2.5 <10 0~50 500×450×1650
GQQ120/ 2.5 120 2.5 <10 0~50 550×550×1900
GQQ150/ 2.5 150 2.5 <10 0~50 550×550×1900
GQQ180/ 2.5 180 2.5 <10 0~50 600×550×2150
GQQ70×2/ 2.5 140 2.5 <10 0~50 1100×450×1450
GQQ90×2/ 2.5 180 2.5 <10 0~50 1100×450×1650
GQQ100×2/ 2.5 200 2.5 <10 0~50 1100×450×1650
GQQ120×2/ 2.5 240 2.5 <10 0~50 1100×550×1900
GQQ150×2/ 2.5 300 2.5 <10 0~50 1100×550×1900




The cabinet type HFC-227ea/FM200 fire suppression system is very easy to install because of a few components. A system is usually divided into two parts, one is the fire extinguishing device part, and the other is the electrical elements part. Because there is a sole part for introducing the electrical part, so the following words are only for talking about the fire extinguishing device part.


The cabinet type fm200 fire extinguishing device consists of fm200 agent, fm200 cylinder, container valve, flexible hose, liquid flow check valve, nozzle and the cabinet.

90L HFC227ea fire suppression system 0



Working principle


Here is the illustration of working principle to whole system

90L HFC227ea fire suppression system 1






The pipe network type HFC-227ea/FM200 fire suppression system is suitable for a lot of places and several kinds of fires. The followings are some examples for customer as reference:


- Telecommunications and data processing

- Switch gear rooms

- Military applications and cell sites

- High-tech medical application

- Computer rooms

- Telecommunication centers

- Records and data archives

- Testing/imaging equipment

- Reference material

- Chemical laboratories


90L HFC227ea fire suppression system 2



Competitive Advantage


Cabinet HFC-227ea/FM200 fire suppression system has a large number of advantages, and here is going to have a brief explanation:


1/ Swift response. Since there is no long distance transportation of pipes, so fm200 gas can be directly discharged into protection zone. Meanwhile, its spraying time is less than 8 second. So it will save more time relatively when the fire happens.


2/ Convenient installation. Compared with pipe network system, cabinet system would be relatively simple to conduct installation. After installation of control panels and electric components, left work is just to connect it with one cabinet fire extinguishing device or devices. But one room should not be matched with more than 4 pieces of it because of the limitation of the output current of a control panel.


3/ Lower cost. Obviously, the price would be cheaper than pipe network type for the protection zone which just needs one single cylinder, because there is no need to consider about the expense of pipes and pipe fittings, also the cost of manpower for this part.





We pack products with first polyfoam and then the wooden cases. Once products are too big or customers require a pallet for products, we will make products a pallet. The following pictures are the common packing of products:


90L HFC227ea fire suppression system 3

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